Every brand has a unique DNA  The primary job of the strategist is to uncover that DNA and express it in a way that is powerful, relevant and motivating. Brands that find their DNA and express it well are extremely powerful brands. Think of Apple, Nike, BMW, Avis.

Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department  Great brands are driven by great vision. And that vision can only come from the CEO. CEO=Chief Vision Officer, amongst other things. No. CEO=Chief Everything Officer.

Everything communicates  What you do. What you don’t do. What you say. What you don’t say.

Consistency is the holy grail  It’s difficult. And it’s vital. And brand guidelines are not enough. The best rallying point for consistency is a powerful idea.

Brand strategy is best expressed as an idea  Nobody reads strategy documents. Everybody responds to a big idea.

Marketing needs an ROI  No project is worth undertaking if it does not generate a positive return on investment. But watch how you define investment. Some are money investments. Others are human. Remember the human side of the balance sheet.

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